SYNTHETIC Artificial Turf

SUNFLEX along with its EUROPEAN partners offers internationally certified Artificial TURF for all kind of sports and landscaping areas especially for Football, Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Cricket, Golf, Futsal etc.

Football Turf - A product manufactured by FIFA Preferred and approved Producer. Why should you choose FIFA Preferred Producer?

  • FIFA quality program
  • Factory audit by FIFA
  • FIFA quality Pro & Quality
  • Installation & Maintenance guide
  • Professional consulting services & field designs

Hockey Turf - International Hockey Federation (FIH) approved system
Under FIH (International Hockey Federation) approved system, Hockey field is divided into 2 level: Global level (water-based) and National Level (Sand-dressed). SUNFLEX offers systems for both Global level and National level according to different demands. The Turf procured from FIH registered companies meet all FIH standards in ball roll, ball rebound, impact response, etc. The global level system is qualified to play top level hockey games, such as Olympic Games and World Cup Games.

Rugby Grass - World Rugby Regulation 22
Rugby is extremely demanding on the playing surface’s performace as he players encounter a high level of physical contact. SUNFLEX provide rugby glass system which incorporates long pile, in-fills and shock pad to ensure the high HIC value and good energy restitution to players who will be delighted to play on artificial grass surface.

Tennis Grass – ITF Certified
According to Court Pace Rating there are 5 Categories for Tennis Courts: Slow, Medium-slow, Medium, Medium-Fast and Fast. SUNFLEX provides ITF (International Tennis Federation) certified Tennis Turf for Medium-slow and Fast Tennis Court. Its Tennis system also features attractive look and comfortable feel that adds value to your community or commercial area.

Multipurpose Grass - Maximized function from one single investment
Over the years, SUNFLEX multi-purpose systems of high performance have served a great number of playgrounds to fulfill the owners and players needs to maximize function from single investment.

In addition, to help clients avoid the complexity of a multi-purpose field. SUNFLEX handles the time-consuming designing process for our clients and provides guidance that guarantees easy installation and strong playability.