“CLEARTOUGH” The most practical and popular choice, which offers greatest flexibility for easy transit & installation - a four panel, one door freestanding type, with full height glass support fins.

MATERIALS AND COMPONENTS : 12 mm toughened (tempered) glass with all exposed edges smoothed, exposed corners are radiused. The lower 600 mm of all panels have vertical 3 mm wide white lines with 25 mm clear space applied to the play surface.

SAFETY AND INTEGRITY : Safety is our first concern. Each integral part of our wall system is tested and reviewed for safety. The tempered safety glass is tested to meet high load bearing impact and is designed to crumble into small, dull pieces in the unlikely event that a panel or fin should break. Tempered Glass has a very high static load resistance (3 to 5 times) as well as a very high impact resistance (5 to 10 times) compared to ordinary glass. In the very rare event of breakage, however, tempered glass will shatter into tiny dice-like particles which minimize serious or fatal injuries, unlike the case of ordinary glass.