The free floating resilient wooden sports flooring system designed for Indoor Multipurpose Halls, Badminton Halls, Squash Courts, Basketball Courts, Gymnasium Halls etc. made of imported timbers and floorings. The system ensures that there is no impact on the knees, feet, shins and ankles. A number of medical studies on athletes, both in India and internationally have revealed that surface elastic flooring induces a far smaller number of sports related injuries. This type of floor construction is also results in consistent resilient throughout the playing area. Using timber that is fully seasoned and treated the surface boards are machined to a special tongue and grooved design for concealed screwing and non-skid polyurethane lacquer finish.

  • SUNFLEX offers various sports floor systems for different facilities and activities

  • SUNFLEX BIO-CUSH SPORTS FLOOR SYSTEM The No.1 floating floor system that gives better shock absorption and ball bounce for Squash Courts, Badminton Courts, Basketball Courts, Multipurpose Indoor Halls Etc.

  • SUNFLEX-PREFINISHED FLOORING SYSTEM The UV finish technology and fully imported flooring from Canada

  • SUNFLEX MEGA FLOOR A Heavy duty floor system for a true multipurpose and multifunction solution.


The company manufactures and imports various types of hardwood maple floor systems namely American Maple flooring, Canadian Maple flooring, European Maple flooring etc. to meet the quality, needs and budgets of any sports & recreational projects. We have covered everything, from Olympic Games, National and International Championships, including schools, colleges, Universities, Sports Clubs, fitness centers and even individual (personal) sports courts all over the country.


Keeping athletes healthy, safe and as free from injury as possible is a direct result of the design and performance of the sub-floor system, specifically the Force Reduction, Vertical Deflection, and area deflection of the surface. These are specific performance characteristics that are individually and independently tested.

Force Reduction

The amount of impact force that the surface is able to absorb. Whatever the surface does not absorb the remaining impact force is absorbed the athlete.

Vertical Deflection:

The amount of bending of the floor directly beneath the athlete’s feet. There is a co-relation between Force Reduction and Vertical Deflection.

Area of Deflection:

Controlling the “trampoline effect” that naturally takes place when you have a resilient sub-floor beneath a hardwood surface. Basketball and volleyball are sports where multiple athletes play in close proximity and land within fractions of a second from each other. The goal is for all athletes to experience the same resilient benefits, and a high performance surface will accomplish this.